Eternal Sunshine On The Organized Mind

I’m not going to lie to you, we’ve all experienced it too much in our lives to ignore its existance… The holidays can be (a tad) stressful. What with the endless lists of items we select to surprise and delight endless lists of people, it’s easy to become distracted in all the pandemonium. Heaven forbid that you miss-place one of these lists! Well that’s where we come in.

We’ve just received an new invention that puts a new spin on organization. It’s called the Lulalu 360 clip. It comes in a delightful variety of bright candy colors and with the name Lulalu 360, it’s not hard to imagine a calm tropical beach somewhere far away. This brilliant new invention uses a patented new form of stickiness to hold your important documents to a multitude of flat surfaces including glass, metal, wood and most plastics. It also doesn’t leave a mark on whatever surface it adheres to, so there’s no need to worry about stains or gooey spots. To top it off, should your Lulalu lose some of its stickiness, you can renew it by adding a few drops of water!

With a calming name, color, and simplistic use, it’s easy to say that you’ll be much calmer using it as well.

On a separate but related note…


UNICEF cards are selling out fast. If you’re finding yourself strapped for time trying to select the perfect card for those on your holiday mailing lists, why not purchase a box set of UNICEF cards? With every box sold, UNICEF will donate a portion of the card’s cost to their world-wide programs to help young children. Isn’t this what the holidays are all about? Box sets come in various designs so you’re guaranteed to find one you’ll love. But as I’ve said before, they’re selling fast.

Both the UNICEF box sets and LuLaLu 360’s are for sale on displays at our Side Desk (that’s the one by the C.I.B.C hallway.)

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