John Cleese Has Sold Out!

Our November event with John Cleese has officially sold out! Thanks to all of you for your enthusiastic response. We look forward to seeing everyone on the evening of November 15th for what is sure to be a sensational book event.  

Fall Events are Coming!

It’s hard to overstate the thrill of the autumn when you work at a book store. Not only are some of the most exciting releases of the year hitting the shelf (No Logo and Shock Docterine author Naomi Klein’s new book, This Changes Everything, came out this morning), but our fall event season is coming up quick, with the first event (Matt Rader) just three weeks from now! Bolen Books is thrilled to welcome back to our store author and CBC Radio personality Robert “Lucky” Budd. Budd made a splash in 2010 with Voices of British Columbia – our province’s history told through a collection of sounds and pictures. You’ll also recognize his name from his ongoing work with artist Roy Henry Vickers on a series of beautifully illustrated children’s books including Raven Brings the Light and Cloudwalker. On October 11th, his follow-up to Voices of British Columbia, Echoes of British Columbia goes on sale, and he’s going to be here the next week to talk about it and share some of the photos and sounds he’s collected. That event,… Continue reading »

The List Grows

If you haven’t been over to our Events page recently, there have been a couple of exciting additions to our fall line-up! Here’s who we’ve recently added on to the schedule. Kathleen Winter The author of the acclaimed Canada Reads nominee Annabel heads north in her heartfelt and masterfully crafted new work of non-fiction, Boundless. Seizing on an opportunity to travel the Northwest Passage, Winter discovers what it is about this mysterious and magical place at the top of the world that has so enchanted explorers and dreamers alike for generations. She’s going to be in the store on Thursday, October 23rd at 6:00 PM. This is free event, but get here early, as seating is limited. Elizabeth May On the heels of the 2015 election, federal Green Party leader Elizabeth May is going to be in the store to talk about her new memoir/manifesto, Who We Are. May reflects on a lifetime of politics and activism in her own words, and talks about not only her own future, but the future of the country. She’s going to be here… Continue reading »

Kathleen Winter

Remember to keep checking back at our Events page for all the latest updates about which exciting authors we have visiting us this fall. We’re adding new dates all the time! We’re thrilled to announce that Kathleen Winter, the acclaimed author of the novel Annabel , is going to be joining us on Thursday, October 23rd, to talk about her forthcoming work of non-fiction, Boundless. In this passionately written and dramatic narrative, Winter recounts her journey through the Northwest Passage, taken alongside a curious and intriguing group of fellow travels, all drawn in by the awesome pull of the arctic. Check out the book when it hits shelves on September 6th, then be sure you don’t miss you chance to stop by to meet Kathleen in person on October 23rd at 6:00 PM! Check back soon! We’ve got more to come yet.